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Founded in September 2000, Wujiang

SIXN Textile Co., Ltd. is located at

No. 8-8, Zhennan Fourth Area,

South Ring Road, Shengze Town...



Sanyang Textile (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 upon the approval of the Management Committee of Jiaxiing

Economic Development Zone and...



SIXN Fangzheng (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was

established in 2001. The company has

long been paying attention to the

introduction and application of...


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SIXN Group  was established in 2001. It is a high-tech enterprise which setsweaving, dyeing and finishing in one with professional design, development, production, and sales team. The company has several branches including Wujiang Shixing Textile Co., Ltd., Shixing fashion printing and dyeing (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd., Shixing Textile (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., and Suzhou Shixing International Trading Co.,Ltd. The headquarter of the group is located in Shengze, Suzhou city, which is known as the ancient silk town. It is in the Yangtze River Delta region including Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou, which have convenient transportation system....


Quality assurance


Strengthen the safety foundation of high quality development of enterprises

At present, the 100 day "thunder action" in Shengze Town is in full swing. Textile enterprises pay more attention to the safety production.Mr Liu Weijian, chairman of Shixing group, was invited to participate in the interview.At present, the 100 day "thunder action" in Shengze Town is in full swing. Textile enterprises pay more attention to the safety production.Mr Liu Weijian, chairman of Shixing group, was invited to participate in the interview.As a member of Shengze textile enterprise, Shixing group adheres to the requirements of "thunder action", guides safety production with concept,ensures safety production with system,implements safety production with action,continuously improves safety production management level,and consolidates safety foundation for high-quality development of enterprise.

Fighting Wuhan! Fighting China!

During this Chinese New Year, a sudden epidemic swept across China, affecting everyone’ s lives, and breaking the reunion of the family. Everyone cannot go out for visiting relatives and friends, chatting and shopping. In this war without gunpowder, although it was panic, there were more moving deeds . We deeply feel that there is a power that everyone has a responsibility when the country has the difficulties, a power that people help each other, and a power that all the people are of one mind .In order to respond to the pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection, our country has taken an active role from top to bottom, and established epidemic prevention and control headquarters at all levels of government to effectively control and prevent. They plan ahead, reserve enough equipment, drugs and other relevant materials, start emergency plans, formulate detailed prevention and control measures, strictly implement the 24-hour duty system, and carry out scientific prevention method.

SIXN Group’s 2020 Spring Festival Annual Meeting: Time to excellence, endless

The new year starts with the pride, joy and happiness. On January 12, 2020, the SIXN Group's 2020 Spring Festival Annual Meeting was grandly held in the Suzhou Zhiyin Hotel. Mr. Liu Weijian, the chairman of the SIXN Group, brought together more than 400 senior executives and employees from Shixing Textiles (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Sanyang Textile (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. to celebrate together. The banquet successfully finished under the sound of laughter. The annual meeting started with a warm New Year greeting from Mr. Liu Weijian, Chairman of the Group, saying, "In the past year, thanks to the joint efforts of all my colleagues, the company's business has maintained continuous and steady growth and scored certain achievements, which belong to every SIXN person. The future of SIXN will be more brilliant. "

Learning is the steady stream of success

As the saying goes, “To train the army, train the general first.”. On October 1st, the senior and middle-level executives of the SIXN Group gathered together at Nanhu Lake, Jiaxing to participate in a two-day training and study. On the special day of our country’s 70th birthday, we chose to learn and to charge. In the course of the lecture, everyone listened attentively, took notes carefully and practiced their skills. In this special way, we send deep birthday wishes to the great motherland—blessing greatness Motherland is prosperous, flourishing, and better tomorrow!


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